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Twice top 1% in the country in last 4 years



Currently school is closed to the majority of pupils. Provision for all children is made via our website.  Please click on the tab marked Curriculum and then on the relevant class for your child.  The homework menus are to be extended to support home learning.  



New half term topics on the Curriculum pages from next week!  Follow us on Twitter for ideas and work, 

updated most days!

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Spring and Summer 2020
Sheriffhales County Primary School
Spring and Summer 2020
Sheriffhales County Primary School, Sheriffhales, Shifnal TF11 8RA, UK
Open this section to see the key dates for this term! Please note events subject to cancellation or postponement due to current health situation.


Importance of play

At Sheriffhales we know that play is a crucial part of childhood.  As children grow older, their play changes.  We plan learning so that play and experimentation are integral to each child's day. 

Healthy bodies, healthy minds

We are a Healthy School, we eat sensibly, have occasional treats, burn lots of energy and learn how to keep ourselves fit and well through good nutrition, sport, happiness and healthy attitudes. We don't mind the rain!

Creativity and structure

We create stories, dramas, films, models, mathematical patterns and constructions.  We like to change things and do things differently, not for the sake of it, but because we don't always want the same things.



Here at Sheriffhales our children are very special to us and it is our passion that they do well in all aspects of their young lives. Children are provided with a wide curriculum that aims to develop and enable achievement to the highest possible standards. I believe that every child is capable of excelling in many areas and doing something `special`. This could be in academic subjects, creative subjects or through sport or citizenship.
I am immensely proud to be the Headteacher of this vibrant learning community. Our aim is for all of our students to develop a love of learning and to prepare them to thrive and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Pupils are valued as individuals and we are passionately committed to their achievement, personal growth and excellence in everything we do.

Our strong tradition of success is built on a firm foundation of strong pastoral care and we ensure a climate for learning which is well ordered, safe, calm and focused on achievement and success.

Our staff team are highly dedicated and fully understand their role in enthusing and inspiring children to achieve. All children are encouraged and supported to be the best they can be within our positive learning environment. We are very proud of our children’s attitude to learning and enquiring approach to all aspects of life and experiences, due to the high expectations and examples set by all of our team at Sheriffhales.

We strongly believe that education is best provided through a successful partnership between home and school and we work closely with parents and carers so that all children are able to take advantage of the learning experiences we offer both within and outside school, setting a pattern for life. I believe that schools are at the heart of any community and as a school we pride ourselves in involving not just parents, but the wider community.

Sheriffhales pupils are listened to - their views are regularly incorporated into every aspect of school planning and life.  They work hard, show respect and courtesy, and, are expected to try their best in all that they do. We are a happy and harmonious community where children feel safe and talents are nurtured.

Thank you for dropping by our website, I hope you enjoy reading all about us!

Sarah Hodgson


Projects, themes and challenges




St Mary's Church

Parish Council

Concero IT 

A Tale Unfolds




Please call the school office on 01952 460204

Sheriffhales Primary School


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