Sheriffhales Primary School thanks the whole community for working so well with our new routines.  Let's keep the fun going, stay healthy and bright, and learn lots!



Twice top 1% in the country in last 4 years


Keep Young, Beautiful and Healthy!!!

We are working outdoors for much of our curriculum, so please, even if it is a bit chilly, put your sunscreen lotion on every morning! Let's stay sun safe and beautiful!!! Conversely, on wet days if your child's class is on the field they will need sensible school shoes (part of uniform anyway), or, if you prefer, a pair of wellies! Please ensure children have warm waterproof coats everyday too.  We are a very 'outdoorsy' school and have had lots of lovely messages of support about our lessons and lunches outside.  Don't worry - we won't let your children get drenched or too cold.  This is about keeping them safe from bugs and viruses, and keeping them in school!

We have developed a set of priorities to try to keep our school community healthy, happy and learning.  We have agreed systems, rules and protocols which link to our risk assessments and to the checklist approved by all teaching unions.  Please support us by sticking to the rules!


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Please be aware that the office is not manned full time so please contact us by email wherever possible.





in and out of school, love being a learner
everyday we laugh, it's important and good for us
good results, but it's more than tests and data
in everything we do, staff and children striving for better



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