Plants in Oak Class

In science this term we have been investigating plants. Last week we planted seeds and we will be observing the root growth in an ongoing investigation. We are also investigating the structure of leaves and their function.


Building Shelters in Oak Class


As part of their outdoor learning, Oak Class enjoyed building shelters in the playground.  Firstly, they investigated different types of shelters before creating their own designs. The children collected various materials to ensure sturdy structures. Additionally, they considered what materials would help to increase levels of water proofing. The children found that moss and leaves helped to keep some of the water at bay!

Prepare for a Roman Invasion!

In Oak Class this week the children have continued to enjoy exploring Roman settlement in Britain. The children loved learning about the Roman Army. They have been busy creating shields ready to complete Roman army formation manoeuvres.


Safer Internet Day

This week in Oak Class we marked Safer Internet Day by exploring how we can keep ourselves safe online. The children discussed the impact of watching online videos and the messages that we hear when online.

They then completed a writing task detailing how they could make a positive change by using online forums.


This week in Oak Class we have been creating circuits.

The children worked in pairs to discover how to light a bulb using wires and a cell.

Additionally, the children discovered that by adding a switch they could control the flow of power to their circuits. Finally they added a buzzer and explored any changes.

We are currently developing a fairground game which buzzes on contact…photos to follow!


School Games Gold Award 2022/23
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