Parenting Support

It’s not easy being a parent sometimes! There is friendly, useful support available for all kinds of need, including guidance and support for helping families with children’s sleep, behaviour, bereavement and parenting. The link to the Parenting Help and Support Line will take you to their home page and contact details. Give them a call – they are there to help and are confidential, friendly and really good to talk to!

Shropshire Parenting Help and Support Line | Shropshire Family Information Directory (


The Shropshire Family Information Service (FIS) is a free universal service from Shropshire Council, which your families (and possibly you) may not know about.

The FIS brings together loads of useful, local information for families, to help take the stress out of things like finding:

  • Childcare or baby and toddler groups
  • Holiday clubs, events and things to do as a family
  • Parenting, relationships, and emotional health and wellbeing support
  • Cost of Living info and advice

Their social media channels to bring families news, events and handy information, which links through to our Family Information Directory. The Family Information Directory features local services, groups, events and activities throughout Shropshire. It is searchable via category, area and age.  Some of our current popular lists are:

Families are welcome to contact us directly, via email or our social channels, for help with anything to do with family life.