Spellings for this week

There will be no spellings this week due to assessments.  There will be some to learn over the Half-term holidays.

Maths challenge for the 6th November

In the Hobbit, we have been reading about the riddles that Gollum gave Bilbo.  For this week’s maths challenge, I would like you to come up with at least three maths riddles. 


Example : What is my number:


The number has 4 digits.

It is smaller that 6000 but larger than 5000.

The hundreds digit is smaller that 6 but larger than 4.

The tens digit is an odd number smaller than 7 but bigger than 3.

The ones digit is in the 3 times table and is bigger than 6 but smaller than 10.

They can be about shapes or numbers.  Watch this video to see what you could do.




Try to make it harder by choosing a large number or decimal! 

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