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Corona Diaries

We've seen a few things in education over the years but COVID19 takes the proverbial biscuit!

School has been a very bitter sweet place this week. Brilliant sunshine, good company, music, art, literature and sport combined with relentless hand-washing, keeping children and ourselves segregated from each other, constant disinfection of door handles, pencils, pens, laptops, chairs, tables, tennis racquets, and fear of what might happen. We are dealing with constant change and trying to plan, policy write and reason with a future that will look very different to our lives before COVID19.

And to think of how we used to hate snow days!

I want to say a massive thank you to all our parents. I know whatever your position / employment status / situation, you are putting your children first - both in terms of health and education. Staff and myself are currently planning and adapting work for next half term to go on the Curriculum web pages for you. We will also add to the list of resources on the Home page, but if you are in need of inspiration follow us on Twitter, as soon as we see anything that looks good we are posting it as well as adding ideas of our own. It really is the best place to to go for a bit of inspiration!

On the subject of learning at home - a plea!

I've read a lot about 'home-schooling' over the past week. I think we may all go completely bonkers if we try to recreate school at home - even teachers can't do it! Do what works for you and your children, many of you are attempting to work from home with your children there. Find a routine - or no routine - that is the least stressful. Right now, my own personal view (so you don't have to agree) is children must read every day, complete one directed task of your choosing and have lots of sunshine - albeit in the confines of a back garden. Those are the education essentials right now. There are many, many successful people in life who missed huge chunks of schooling and have not suffered as a result. For primary age children and their families in particular the less stress this situation causes the better, Capitalise on the history being made right now. Reflecting on, letter-writing or drawing moments like last night's mass applause for the workers of the NHS is a far better exercise than three pages of spot the adverb.

So, please keep following the guidance for your safety and well-being. All the staff are thinking of you all and send you their very best.

Finally, thank you to Pippa H and her pals who are supporting the local residents of the parish, they even found time to pop us a bunch of flowers at the beginning of the week!

Keep smiling and stay well Sheriffhales!

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