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Corona Diaries 2

Easter holidays / not Easter holidays. The bitter sweet theme continues as again, we have beautiful sunny weather, breathtaking signs of spring - oh to be doing the Japan project now that the trees are positively heaving with blossoms - and festivals and holidays to celebrate. And then, there are the restrictions, so most of the weather is to be enjoyed by those with gardens, the signs of spring are bountiful as photos on social media, and the celebrations - well, only in your household please! In school we have opened when needed, and been wrestling with the daily updates, cleaning routines, school meals vouchers and what will happen with teacher assessment results as we go through the year. Currently, teachers are preparing the new topics and work for after Easter which will be put on the website next week. Please, please scroll through our Twitter feed for lots of extra ideas, we are trying to keep a balance of 'screen free' activities so there are a great variety of tasks and challenges. We will also be sending out details of new email boxes for sending in your wonderful work and creations!

In the meantime, in the spirit of the traditional Easter Bonnet parade. I would like pupils and families to make / decorate a hat - it can be Easter themed, or character themed, culture, country, animal, current affairs - you get the idea, make it beautiful or completely daft. Take a photo and wait for the special email addresses to come to you over the next few days, then send them in. We would like to share / publish a few but we will ask you first and not reveal any names on here or Twitter.

Stay safe, stay well and get bonnet making!!!!

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