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Magnificent Muscles and Machines!

They may be small in number but they are a mighty team! Once again, generosity and maximum effort combined on Saturday to create something really powerful for our pupils. Richard, Charles, David and David worked tirelessly to lay slabs, forming the base for our very special outdoor resource (coming soon!). Getting the base absolutely level is crucial. This involved marking out the fall of the area with rope, levelling the sand using a long plank and a spirit level, and then dotting and laying the slabs tightly together with no variation in height but enough fall for good drainage. Our volunteers were determined to get it right; lifting and re-setting slabs until they were happy. Thank you Richard for the extra sand and slabs, thank you Charles for bringing the big red tipper, Dave B with your contortionist's talents, the slabs at the far side are a work of art, and David M for throwing so many giant slabs around is now available for crazy paving work! With all the hard work over, it was also time to stop and smell the flowers, thank you Galina for working over our flower pots, they now look stunning!

It is worth noting that without these volunteers, we would not be able to have these marvellous resources and facilities for our pupils.

Please look out for the next Big Clean Up day and come and add your support!

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