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Straight Outta Bobsville!

Can we fix it? Yes we can . . . and some!

The Muscles and Machines Big Clean Up day was a tremendous success thanks to all our volunteers. Tony 'Digger' North gave his services for the day free of charge. We know Tony because he is our key person managing our refuse collection, the digger work is a sideline business for him. On a day when he could've earned a healthy hourly rate, he chose to spend his time digging a woodland path, footings for something special, moving HUGE logs and digging up old stumps we no longer wanted. All this for a few cups of tea! Our very own Dad's Army (+ 'Mr Hodgson') was there in force too - thanks to them we now have safer fences, cleared areas, trimmed back trees and hedges, organised sheds and brand new bespoke log seating - all free of charge! It was a long day and all worked tirelessly with a 'nothing is impossible' approach. Ms Hodgson has never made so many cups of tea and coffee, but boy, was it worth it! What's more, they all enjoyed the day so much they are coming back again soon to continue the development and improvement of outside areas! Please feel free to join them, watch this space and check newsletters for dates and times. Remember, if you don't fancy joining in or have very little time to spare - we'll always accept a cheque or a bit of spare change. We also now need gravel, sand and slabs if anyone has any.

Thank you to all our M & M team on Saturday for giving up so much time, energy and commitment for the pupils benefit!

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