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The world according to Lime Class!

Lime Class explored physics and engineering in their challenge to build a Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine. After many modifications to design and model, and a lot of learning about load-bearing, trajectory, momentum and energy, we had some terrific machines!

How much fun and learning can you have with some vinegar, baking powder and a plastic bottle? About 50feet, it turns out…in the air. We created a chemical reaction with a weak acid and a base, resulting in enough carbon dioxide to build up pressure inside the bottle, which forced out the cork with enough thrust to launch the rocket(bottle) into orbit. DO try this at home ( outside, with supervision)!

It takes a lot of space to make a scaled paper comparison of the size of the planets versus the Sun: good job we have a playground and a good understanding of why the Sun makes up 99.9% of the solar system’s mass.

We hope the children shared their fun experiences with you at home!

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