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Willow's Rube Goldberg Machine- aka ' Chain Reaction Contraption'!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

In school this week Willow Class have enjoyed activities linked to Sheriffhales School Science Week. Our chosen book, Dear Earth From Your Friends in Class 5.., helped each class to tailor make their own science activities which the children enjoyed immensely!

Amongst other experiments, Reception used vinegar and bicarb to create beautiful fizzing colours, there were lots of happy squeals during that activity!

Years 1 and 2 created a Rube Goldberg Machine which consisted of a chain reaction of objects relying on physics- gravity, movement and mass to allow our simple task to take place. Our 'simple task' was to tip some scrap root vegetables from a dumper truck into a bowl of water with the intention of growing the plants hydroponically. This linked to our focus on food waste, air miles and the possible solutions to improve this particular problem.

The children worked scientifically with great focus to develop their machine, readjusting and recording the results in their bid for success. Miss Farr has informed me today that that the children have been successful and that their machine worked wonderfully!

The children carried out several other experiments throughout the week and proved themselves to be amazing and enthusiastic scientists, well done Willow Class!

Mrs Lyon

Reception enjoyed completing investigations, can you guess what they were?

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