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Willow's Travels!

It's been an exciting week in Willow so far, the children have enjoyed making and tasting delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and looked fabulous dressed up as their favourite books characters for World Book Day on Thursday!

Our new topic this term is Travel and Transport, which the children are really enjoying. Reception children are having great fun in their new airport role play area and have been creating labels for their suitcases! On Thursday they enjoyed their woods and wellies session with Mrs Battye and have some super plans for these sessions in the weeks to come.

Years 1 and 2 have enjoyed watching extracts of the film- Up. The children thought about creating their own flying transport mode using lots of balloons, which they used in role play to inspire their writing, they created some fabulous vehicles! In Maths Year 1 have begun to develop their understanding of formal measuring using rulers and scales whilst Year 2 have explored tally charts and pictograms.

In P.E KS1 are enjoying sessions with our sports specialist Mrs Dillon. Reception are working on basic skills whilst Years 1 and 2 are working on net and ball skills.

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