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Willow's Week

Whilst we patiently await change and growth in our butterfly farm, Y1 and 2 are happy to announce that our caterpillars have now entered the chrysalis stage. This week we enjoyed the book The Hungry Caterpillar and wonder what our caterpillars will look like. They have now been moved from their holding pot into the butterfly farm and we wait with bated breath! Meanwhile Reception Class are celebrating the emergence of their butterflies from their chrysalides and will release them in the school field next week!

Our 'magic beans' continue to grow, this week they have grown taller than the children! We also had some interesting visitors to the classroom when we were joined by the 'Giant' and 'Jack' from our story Jack and the Beanstalk! The children enjoyed a hot seating session during which they questioned the story book characters before writing character descriptions, there were some truly terrifying descriptions of the Giant! During Geography on Wednesday, we went on a treasure hunt to find the Giant's treasure then completed maps and directions should anyone else want to find it! The children then enjoyed a story on the field in the shade. During 'woods and wellies' Reception created leaf crowns, Teddy looked amazing in his!

Finally, Willow painted some beautiful sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh, we look forward to sharing our display with you next week!

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