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Willow's Wonderful Sunny Spring Week!

This week Reception continued to enjoy their Transport topic. They enjoyed the story 'You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus' and created sentences based on the story. They loved the skateboarding Pig! This week has been assessment week in KS1, the children have shown great focus, maturity and determination, we are very proud of them! Happily, they have been thrilled at the extra breaks that assessment week allows, and enjoyed lots of time outside in the sunshine riding the bikes and scooters. As an added task, and to develop Geography skills, the children used chalks to draw and label a huge map of Telford in which to ride their bikes around which links to our Transport topic. As a reward for their hard work, we all enjoyed a tea party to celebrate the children's achievements.

We hope you liked the Mother's Day cards that the children lovingly made, and wish you all a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!

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