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Willows Washing Week!

We've had great fun in Willow Class this week.

During Science we discussed the difficulties of getting access to clean water in some areas of India. We explored how water can affect health and the role it plays in hygiene. We performed an experiment during which we painted our hands with cooking oil. We tried to clean our hands using three different methods: cold water, warm water and warm water and soap. The children were very relieved to find that warm water and soap worked! The children completed a follow up task of creating posters encouraging people to wash their hands.

Will we ever get it off?

Our class book this week is Elephant Dance. Today we went into the playground and copied a scene from the book. We recreated an 'elephant dance' by parading around the playground as elephants.

Then we used musical instruments and selected animal masks to make our 'creatures' dance. We thought about the 'dances' and came up with some amazing verbs and adverbs to describe movement.

'I think I spotted a TIGER over there!'

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