Headteacher ( Teacher Years R, 1 & 2)                                    Miss S Hodgson     


Teacher (Years 3 and 4)                                                                 Mrs K Hanson

Teacher (Years 3 and 4)                                                                 Mrs J Seadon

Teacher (Years 5 and 6)                                                                 Mr W Butler


Teacher (Years R/Year 1/Year 2)                                                Miss E Farr  

Teacher (Years R/Year 1/Year 2)                                                Mrs K Lyon


Business Manager and  Administrator                                 Mrs H Hedge

Administrator                                                                                      Mrs A Simmonds


Teaching Assistant                                                                           Mrs C Guy

 Teaching Assistant                                                                          Mrs C Wells

 Teaching Assistant                                                                          Mrs S Palin

 Teaching Assistant                                                                          Mrs M Tranter

 Teaching Assistant                                                                          Ms M Davies


 Sports Apprentice  / TA                                                                 Mr R Davies


Cleaner                                                                                                   Vacancy

Cleaner in Charge                                                                            Mr R Corfield


Supervisory Assistant                                                                    Ms M Davies         

Supervisory Assistant                                                                    Mrs M Tranter

Supervisory Assistant                                                                    Mrs A Simmonds

Supervisory Assistant                                                                    Mrs K Fradgley

Breakfast Club Supervisory Assistant                                 Mrs C Wells

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