English: Immersive experience – underwater environment in the classroom!

After lunch, the children were asked to enter their classroom. As they walked into the classroom, Oak class began their underwater journey. The children were asked to walk around the classroom and discuss what they could see and hear. 



Geography – To describe different types of settlements.

Oak Class were introduced to different settlements. They were asked to describe the different types of settlements. They were able to discuss linear, dispersed and nucleated settlement patterns.

Outdoor Classroom Day

Oak Class enjoyed getting involved with the global movement ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’. We started our day by going on a nature hunt, recording our findings by sketching and drawing what we found. After break, we continued our outdoor learning by exploring mark-making, collecting as many different types of rubbings as we could using oil pastels. We even came across a toad on our travels. Well spotted Max! We then brought the outdoors in and worked as a team to create a collaborative piece of Art using our rubbings.


The British Hedgehog Preservation Society!

The children supported BHPS by making Hedgehogs and bringing awareness to the charity! It was a lot of fun and a little messy… We had a great afternoon!

English: The Journey

The Journey by Francesca Sanna

As the children entered the classroom after break, they were met by Mrs. Tranter with a message to go outside and find two suitcases that were left for them. Quickly and quietly, they left the classroom and found two suitcases in the playground. The children opened the suitcases to find many objects and they discussed where they were from. They were left a note, which explained where the suitcases were from. The children really enjoyed the investigation!

Animals including Humans

Animals including Humans

Activity: Jumpers

The children were asked to measure the circumference of their thigh muscle and the length of their leg. They headed outside to measure the length of their jump, to investigate whether the size of their thigh muscle made a difference to the distance they could jump.



Dogs Trust

Oak Class enjoyed a visit from Dogs Trust this  term. The children learned how to behave around dogs and when to recognise that dogs are distressed. The children learned the appropriate responses to canine behaviour, and even enjoyed some role play!

Many thanks to Alison for taking the time to visit us in school.



Branching Databases

During Computing this term the Oak Class have been exploring Branching Databases. This week the children explored Yes and No questions and how this can help to classify a group of objects. We considered the many different uses of this system and how it can help us during everyday life.

Reading Cafe- Oak Class

Thank you to all our visitors to attended this week’s Reading Cafe in Oak Class. A great big well-done to Arthur and Harriett, who presented a PowerPoint which gave lots of information to parents and carers detailing how they can support their child’s reading at home.

We had great fun completing a story path based on our current book- The Lost Happy Endings. The children also created story characters by drawing around the outline of their bodies then infilling with character information.

The children were wonderful hosts, welcoming our guests and handing out refreshments. We were very proud to showcase our reading areas and discuss the rich reading culture in Oak Class. We look forward to seeing you again in the future for another Reading Cafe!