Published on: 5th March, 2024

March 2024


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Newsletter March 2024

Dear Sheriffhales,

Whisper it, but Spring is tip-toeing around; the children are definitely getting better after a poorly February, the days are a little longer and the sun is thinking about a bit of a shine!

It has been a year since our Ofsted visit and I wanted to share with you a little reflection on the past year. Our beautiful school is thriving – in September ’22 we had 67 children and we now have 82… 97 in September! This year, there were 8 times as many applications for our Reception class as there were for Sep ’22.

Our curriculum is now fully written and transformed, giving every child a rich and engaging school experience. Some of our results in summer 2022 were low, but in summer 2023 were above local and national average. For those children who need a bit extra, we have developed our support to give access to very high quality provision specific to their needs.

We now have 2 parents evenings and 2 open afternoons, plus end of year reports, welcoming our families into school more than ever before. Our fantastic teaching team goes countless extra miles for their classes: our school literally beats with the sound of children learning.

The whole school has been refurbished and each classroom is well-resourced with IT and libraries: reading (and writing) is now hugely popular. We have transformed our Early Years into a vibrant, exciting and outstanding teaching and learning environment: our Acorns sprint into school!

Our PTFA and Governors continue to give magnificent support and your children are our pride and joy: everyone who meets them comments on how lovely they are and how well they represent us. SMALL BUT MIGHTY!

Lots still to come in March, including Reading Week, Science Week and the Easter holidays!


Mr Wolf’s pancakes

We have enjoyed tasting Mr Wolf’s pancakes in Acorns today!  We have been learning all about the story of Mr Wolf’s pancakes by Jan Fearnley and writing list of the ingredients that Mr Wolf needs for his pancakes. They tasted delicious!

RSPB Bronze award

Acorns are very proud to have been awarded the RSPB Bronze award for all of their hard work at Forest school. The children completed 6 activities under the categories ‘help nature’ and ‘experience nature’. We are striving for Silver now!

Building Shelters in Oak Class


As part of their outdoor learning, Oak Class enjoyed building shelters in the playground.  Firstly, they investigated different types of shelters before creating their own designs. The children collected various materials to ensure sturdy structures. Additionally, they considered what materials would help to increase levels of water proofing. The children found that moss and leaves helped to keep some of the water at bay!

Bug Hotels

This afternoon, we have been constructing our bug hotels. First of all, we had to build the structure – some of us chose to do this with wood and tacks. Once our structures were complete, we went into the allotment area to fill our hotels. Hopefully we get some miniature visitors soon!

Programming Micro:bits

In Computing today, we have been learning how to use conditions to run a program. We had to create a code using the ‘if…’ blocks. This meant that we could make the the micro:bit complete actions in different scenarios.

Sewing bookmarks

Acorns have enjoyed sewing their bookmarks using running stitch this week.


Developing our art skills in Willow

We have been developing our Art skills exploring primary and secondary colours like Jasper John!

Book Club

Book Club is held on a Monday Lunchtime between 12.40pm and 1pm. At book club, we discuss our favourite books and authors as well as reading together. We have got lots of fantastic ideas planned including illustrating, book reviews and creating a reading scrapbook to share with the other classes.

Safer Internet Day

In willow this week the children have been working in teams exploring different ways in which we access the internet and how it is different now to a few years ago.

The children had some great ideas about how to keep safe when using devices.

Always ask an adult!!



Plants in Oak Class

In science this term we have been investigating plants. Last week we planted seeds and we will be observing the root growth in an ongoing investigation. We are also investigating the structure of leaves and their function.